Welcome to my studio, as your voice professional I'll teach you how to sing with a free yet controlled instrument and you'll learn how to use your skills in a live performance setting.  Whether you're a serious or amateur singer, together we can improve your vocal production with my easy to apply techniques.  Soon you'll be on the road to gaining a new level of confidence in your singing.  I offer private lessons and band coaching at my studio or on-line.  You'll learn the foundation of good singing through repertoire.  I work with individuals who are looking for; coaching for college auditions, choral singers who want to blend or harmonize easier, vocalists working on a recording project and theater majors.  See student comments below.


 Education:  BS in Communications
Associate Member:  NATS (National 
 Association of Teachers of Singing)

Education: BS in Communications

Associate Member: NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing)


"I have studied with Nancy Walker off and on for over two years now.  She is absolutely passionate about singing and teaching, as well as about music generally.  She is committed to helping her students enjoy and improve musically.   She seems to remember everything we have worked on over this time, so when I drop the ball she can bring it back up.  She is consistent in her approach and prepares well for each lesson, even if the last lesson was months ago.  She often goes well over the time she is charging for to make sure we cover what I want to learn.  She has helped me improve my tone, power and range, while first making sure I warm up so that I do no damage to my voice.  I recommend her whether you want to perform publicly or just enjoy singing for yourself."

"Welcoming, encouraging, competent, and the list of accolades could continue endlessly.  Nancy is a wonderful instructor, my singing has remarkably improved and my confidence has grown.  Her dedication to her students is evident in the amount of work she does in planning and prepping for each lesson and ensuring that the individual needs of each of her students is addressed.  Nancy is a beautiful singer but her superpower lies in her teaching skills.  I would strongly encourage anyone interested in improving their singing skills to give Nancy a call."

"Back in the good-ol'-days of my mis-spent youth, I played Rock & Roll music and sang "back-up" harmonies. I could hit the pitch well enough to get by, but never gave much thought to all the other atributes of singing. I didn't especially like the sound of my voice, and consequently I rarely sang when there wasn't loud music to cover for me. I had pretty much accepted that I was not, and would never be, a good singer. Nancy has helped me change all of that. I've learned to explore the various qualities of my voice, and to modify and fine tune them, similar to the way I might adjust the tone settings on my amplifier. It has been great fun to find the voice that I never thought I had! It's a journey of course, but I'm happy at last to be on it. After being a reluctant student myself, I can highly recommend Nancy to anyone who wants to learn to sing better, and may doubt whether that is possible. She truly has a gift for teaching the art of singing. My one and only regret is that I didn't start sooner." 

"Nancy is a professional singer/voice coach and she brings years of experience and knowledge of music, songs, and vocal technique to solving my singing issues.  I have been taking singing/voice lessons from Nancy for over two years now; she was recommended to me by a mutual friend.  I had just begun playing banjo and attending bluegrass jams.  I had absolutely no previous singing background and was struggling with confidence in front of the jam, simply carrying a melody, as well as determining in what key to do a song. Nancy began with giving me the foundation for understanding where my voice was, progressed to me hearing and learning melodies, singing on pitch, and has evolved to directing my song choice and musical expression.  Nancy is fully invested in helping her students, as she spends considerable time tailoring lessons to my specific needs, explaining and practicing voice exercises and assignments, and recording guitar tracks for me to sing/play along with.  Nancy is always encouraging, but also critically evaluates my progress for constant improvement. I have learned to sing on pitch, to lead and carry songs at jams, and to not be self-conscious at jams.  I give Nancy my highest recommendation to anyone looking to improve their vocal or performance skills." 

"I have been taking lessons from Nancy for approximately two years. My singing has greatly improved during that interval. For many years I was too self conscious to even sing along with Happy Birthday at parties. Nancy is very personable and puts me at ease during lessons. That's not to say she won't let me know when I mess up, but she does it in a friendly manner and then works with me to solve the problem.  I would also call Nancy's teaching style very professional. Her expertise and dedication are always evident. For example, she plans ahead what I should be working on in subsequent lessons and sends recordings to guide my practice. I know many music students get frustrated by teachers who don't appear to think ahead at all and show up for lessons with no no plan for what will be covered. Finally, Nancy is very generous with her time. She lets many, or even most, of my lessons spill over the allotted time. I give her my most enthusiastic endorsement."


"Nancy is so talented in bringing the best out of her students.  She is professional, patient and dedicated to seeing her students succeed in their personal goals.  There is no better music coach or caring personality, and honorable in every aspect of her profession."


"If you are serious about learning good singing technique, improving your range, strength and ability, I highly recommend taking lessons with Nancy Walker.  She spends time getting to know who you are and what your goals are as a musician.  She plans each lesson specifically for you.  This will include many different elements aimed at improving your "instrument", your knowledge of music and of your ability.  It all happens in a fun and safe atmosphere.  You will enjoy your voice, build confidence and move closer to your goals you set for yourself - and if you are unsure of your own musical path, you will open up to your possibilities.  Whether an accomplished singer/musician or a beginner, Nancy has a lot of offer as a vocal coach!  I have been taking lessons from her for a number of years.  I love the motivation I feel when taking lessons.  If you are on the fence...just do it!  You will be glad you did!"

"Nancy Walker is a tremendously talented singer and teacher.  Her emphasis on technique has helped me to develop as a musician and performer in ways I didn't think possible."